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Google Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) with Smart Segmentation

Go beyond standard Google Shopping performance with advanced product ads optimization and 20% discount on your Shopping Ads CPC with Free CSS Access!

Grow your business by making the most of your Shopping ads

Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) are platforms that gather product offers from online retailers and guide users to the respective merchant websites for completing the purchase. In essence, a CSS portal functions as a price comparison portal, allowing users to compare various products, services, and their prices.

Maximize the profitability and revenue of your shopping Ad Campaigns with our exclusive 20% discount!

Our Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) integrates with Shoply, one of the largest price comparison portals in Europe, to showcase your products on Google Shopping and in Google Search. Expand your reach and boost your sales with our powerful CSS solution.

Turn-Key Solution

No Coding Required

Instant Setup

Start within 24hrs

30-Day Free Trial

No Commitment. No Credit Card Required

Unlock the full potential of your shopping ads!

Our powerful solution not only offers a 20% discount on your Shopping Ads CPC, but also leverages signals from Google ads, Google Analytics, Google Merchant Center and other sources, to create data-driven Product Segments.

This winning combination can boost your ROAS by 30% or more, helping you achieve higher returns on your ad spend.

Product Title Optimization

Is your product ad performance suffering due to short and lackluster titles?

Most e-commerce platforms have character limits for product titles, resulting in titles that are often too short and lacking in crucial product information. As a result, your ads may not be triggering for relevant searches on Google, leading to missed impressions and potential customers slipping through the cracks.

Our smart segmentation service tackles this problem head-on. We use data-driven insights to craft compelling titles that capture the attention of potential customers and maximize the relevancy of your ads to relevant searches.

Smart Segmentation

Leverage your data effectively across Google Ad Network

Shopping Ads

Performance max ads

Boost your Return on Ad Spend

Segmentation based on a combination of signals from Google Analytics, Facebook ads, Google Ads, and Google merchant center for robust results

Automated recalculation of product segments ensures ads platforms receive fresh and relevant data on daily basis

How Smart Segmentation Works

Get ahead of the market with our dynamic product segmentation that incorporates price competitiveness

Campaign management becomes easier and bidding more efficient, to achieve higher ROAS than using ad platforms default structure

Shoply Pricing


0/ month
  • Presence in Shoply CSS
  • 20% discount on Shopping Ads CPC



199/ month

plus VAT where applicable

  • Presence in Shoply CSS
  • 20% discount on Shopping Ads CPC
  • Smart Segments for Google Ads
  • Email Support


299/ month

plus VAT where applicable

  • Presence in Shoply CSS
  • 20% discount on Shopping Ads CPC
  • Smart Segments for Google Ads
  • Product Title Optimization
  • Priority Email Support

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